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10 Piece Small Delamere Log Set

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This is our brand new 10 piece Delamere small log set. These logs are crafted in our factory based in North Wales, a few miles away from Delamere Forrest, where each log has been hand picked by ourselves to ensure the most realistic effect for our moulds.
They are crafted with the finest quality refractory ceramic fibre, then hand painted by our talented artists with what we believe is the best dyes available, to give it the authentic log effect.
Approximate Sizes :
Log 1 (120mm Length) (40mm Width)
Log 2 (100mm Length) (20mm Width)  
Log 3 (65mm Length) (45mm Width) 

Log 4 (100mm Length) (25mm Width)
Log 5 (180mm Length) (30mm Width)
Log 6 (90mm Length) (20mm Width) 

Log 7 (80mm Length) (20mm Width)

Log 8 (115mm Length) (35mm Width)

Log 9 (150mm Length) (45mm Width)

Log 10 (80mm Length) (20mm Width)