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High density premium vermiculite board for use in woodburning multifuel stoves pizza ovens. We are a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of fireplace accessories and carry a large stock at all times beware of cheap Chinese imports. Buy cheap buy twice! After listening to our customers we now sell 1000mm board cut into two 500 x 610mm boards for the same price as the 1000mm. Which means its easier to handle and cut!! So if you bought the 2000mm board you would receive 4 x 500mm x 610mm x 25mm boards. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service please study our feedback from 1000's of satisfied customers

With the feature of heat insulation and fire prevention, vermiculite fireproof board / brick is widely used as a thermal insulation and refractory material. And the fireboard can be worked easily with woodworking tools. It can be sawn, drilled, and sanded.